Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Adding to the Sisterhood

Here it is.  What has become one of my favorite times of year.  I look forward to this weekend every year.    I can't wait to see, in person, the women who have become part of the sisterhood of women who helped me learn how to live a successful life with my wheelchair.  I absolutely love a weekend where I don't have to think about accessibility for one minute.  I love heading into the room and there already being spaces for wheelchairs at every table.  I love not having to physically manipulate obstacles.  And, if there happen to be any, everyone is working to make sure they don't exist.  I love the familiarity of seeing old friends.  And, I love the chance to meet new friends and add women to the sisterhood.  :)

This year was a slightly different experience since I am Ms. Wheelchair 2013.  I had the privilege of getting to meet the amazing contestants, two of whom I had the chance to meet before.  I had the chance to get to spend time with them and share what I had learned throughout this year.  I loved answering questions and just getting to know these amazing women.  I hope they plan to remain connected and a permanent part of the sisterhood.

On Saturday, we got the chance to give back after a full day of judging and sessions for the ladies.  We got to work together and make a meal for the Ronald McDonald House.  It is always telling to work side by side with someone and I love the bonding that happens during that experience.  A big thank you to the steering committee for making that happen smoothly.  Even a little rain didn't dampen our spirits.  In fact, a little rain in Kansas is often a welcome event.  :)   After the Ronald McDonald House was the opportunity to share some more bonding and girl time with the party in my suite.  :)  That is a moment I've been looking forward to all year.  I love when we can all relax and just enjoy our time together.

Some more bonding pictures from the weekend:
Dinner Friday Night 
Breakfast Saturday morning
Enjoying the sisterhood on Saturday

Stay tuned for my post about the Crowning Ceremony and Ms. Wheelchair Kansas 2014

Thankful thoughts for today:
Easy fix to problem

"A thankful heart is not only the greatest virtue, but the parent of all other virtues."
                                                                        Marcus Tullius Cicero

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