Friday, March 29, 2013

My Visit to Oz


Here are some pics of my very first appearance as Ms. Wheelchair 2013--a stereotypical Kansas event.  I am a huge Wizard of Oz fan.  I have loved the movie for most of my life and remember making a huge deal out of watching it once a year when it was on TV.  I am old enough that we didn't have a home library of movies we could just watch whenever you want.  My kiddos will never understand the excitement of waiting once a year to see a movie on TV.  We own the DVD and can watch the movie whenever we want.  Speaking of that, I think I'll go put it in soon.  :)  One of my most vivid memories of the movie is the scary flying monkeys.  What is your most vivid memory?
So, my very first appearance as Ms. Wheelchair Kansas 2013 was at the Oz Museum in
Wamego.  This was on my plan to do after the Crowning Ceremony anyway.  Since we were this close, the Oz Museum was on our agenda for the trip home anyway.    I decided this was a perfect appearance for Ms Wheelchair Kansas.  I learned some valuable information at this appearance.  The crown and sash open doors, start conversations and make me far more approachable to strangers.  I got to talk to some other visitors and had a great conversation with the employees.  This program is not well known everywhere so it is an amazing opportunity to get to tell others all about it.  I hope to spend this year not only sharing my platform, but sharing about the amazing opportunities of the Ms.
Wheelchair Kansas program.
My favorite character.  "If I Only Had a Brain"
is even the ring tone on my phone.
Who is your favorite character?

Have you seen the new Oz movie?  Oz: The Great and Powerful  Check out my review of this movie at  Just prepare yourself when you see it.  Those flying monkeys are even more terrifying this time around.
Check out what I just had to buy as I left the museum.  Eric blames it on the judges.  :)


  1. Angel, I was the cashier when you came to the Oz museum, and I really enjoyed meeting you! Your story was so inspirational especially for me and my family, with my mom having MS and soon to be in a wheelchair!! Hope the rest of your travels are safe and I really hope you and your family enjoyed your visit!!!

    1. Kate, I hope to be back in Wamego for Oztoberfest and I hope to see you then. I would love to meet your mom.