Friday, July 12, 2013

Preparing For the Party

Besides the excitement of my Ms. Wheelchair Kansas appearances and presentations, my time since the crowning ceremony in March has also included a lot of preparation time for this next week.  The Ms. Wheelchair America competition is in Houston, TX.  I had a lot of paperwork to finish, travel arrangements to make, a Tri-Fold Board to complete, outfits to figure out, etc. 

Well, done or not, I am on my way.  :)  I think it is all done.  I have been packed for about a week, my family got all packed a couple of days ago.  We got to finish up shopping for Cowboy Day earlier this week.  We usually wait and buy the kiddos new boots before school starts, but this year we shopped about a month earlier.  I think Cowboy Day is the theme night the kiddos are most excited about.  Forget the excitement of speech night or the crowning ceremony, Cowboy Day is the most anticipated.  Even I got a hat--you'll have to wait for pictures.

My Tri-Fold display has been mostly done since before the Kansas Sampler Fest.  You  can check it out on that blog post.
 We did make a few last minute additions--again you'll just have to wait for pics.  I'm so thankful my husband helped me out with my display and getting my blog printed out so it will be available for all to see at Ms. Wheelchair America.  I'm pretty excited about all my display elements.  I can't wait for you all to see pics.

This was a crazy week getting everything done, but I think I managed it.  Everything is complete and packed.  I managed to get all my work done for this week and even some for when I am gone.  I had four story hour presentations as Ms. Wheelchair Kansas.  (stay tuned for the blog post about that.)  We had a big trip to take my service dog to spend the week at KSDS.  I miss him already.  I've been working on my speech and had it under the time limit last night.  :)  I even managed to squeeze in two x-ray visits this week for my daughter.  Don't worry.  All is well and nothing is broken.  :)  That would have certainly put a damper on their trip to the gulf.

So, now we're on our way and anticipating the fun and excitement and great things in store this week.  I'll keep you all updated, but it may be after I get home before you get to hear my take on things.  The great news is that no matter what happens next weekend, I will get to spend the rest of my time as Ms. Wheelchair focusing on my platform--either around the state as Ms. Wheelchair Kansas or around the nation as Ms. Wheelchair America.  Whatever will be will be.  We'll just have to wait and see what happens.


Thankful thoughts for today:
MWA Manicure
Packing Complete
Gorgeous, accessible hotel room
Wi-Fi in the hotel
Dried Pineapple

"Gratitude is a fruit of great cultivation; you do not find it among gross people."--Samuel Johnson

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  1. Here is a way for those of you who have been my supporters, but can't make it to Houston to experience part of this week with me. We're on our way tomorrow. Keep me in your prayers..

    This is the link to share with your friends and family who will be unable to make it to Houston for the big event. Tell them to click on the link at the times that each evening will start and it will be streaming on this website. There are no other instructions- this page will be dedicated to MWA and no login is required.

    Friday, July 19th, 7:30pm

    Saturday, July 20th, 7:00pm