Saturday, May 18, 2013

We are Kansas

What an amazing weekend.  I had a table in the Statewide Mixed Communities/Statewide Attractions booth at the Kansas Sampler Fest in Liberal, Kansas.  If you've never been to a Sampler Fest, put it on your bucket list.  I had been to two in the past and knew as soon as I was crowned, that Ms. Wheelchair Kansas needed to be represented at the Sampler Fest.   I'm so glad I made that choice.  There were 4500 people at the Sampler Fest and many people who came by the table had never heard of Ms. Wheelchair Kansas.  It was a great opportunity to educate about the program and make some new connections.

Here are some pics of some of the fun, entertainment, and food available.  I was at my table during most of the weekend, but Eric watched it for a couple of hours on Sunday morning so I could check out some of the other tents as well.

Playing NW Kansas Spin the Wheel Trivia
WHEW--I got my question right!!!
Which Interstate runs through NW Kansas?

What exactly is the Kansas Sampler Festival?  According to their website, it is: "like a living  brochure of Kansas.  Over 100-140 communities provide what there is to see, do, hear, taste, buy, and learn in Kansas."  Check out their website at and, even better, come check out the Sampler Fest for yourselves.  The next one will be May 3-4, 2014 in Wamego.  I plan to be there.  Hope to see all of you too.  :)

I was not the only queen at the Sampler Fest.  I had the honor of meeting Miss Liberal.  Miss Kansas was there as well and Eric got me her autograph, but I did not get to meet her personally.  I did have an amazing experience.  Because I am Ms. Wheelchair Kansas, they had me draw the ticket out of the hat at the stump--where people earn tickets by answering Kansas trivia questions correctly.  Well, I happened to pull my daughter's ticket out of the hat!  What are the chances of that happening!!!
My kiddos decided our year of traveling around Kansas had  been worth it since they knew the answers to lots of trivia questions throughout the day and ended up with several prizes from various places.

I was so thankful that the Sampler Fest had thought out accessibility issues.  They put a make-shift portable ramp right outside my tent so I didn't always have to go clear to the end of the road to get up the ramp and then manage the grass.  :)  They also put a wheelchair accessible port-a-potty right beside our tent so I only had to manage a few feet.  Then, when I was exploring and got to the tent across the street from the Statewide Tent, where my table was, they were nice enough to move the portable ramp so I could get off that side of the street and across to my tent without having to maneuver the grass all the way to the end of the park.  Thanks for all you did!  I offered to help the Wamego crew with accessibility issues as they set up for the next two years.  I'm excited to see how I can help.

Moving the ramp
I am a Kansas Explorer

Thankful thoughts for today:
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Auction lunch
Car horns
"Ingratitude is always a form of weakness.  I have never known a man of real ability to be ungrateful."

Try out this dance.  My try was an EPIC FAIL. 
See if you can do better.

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