Friday, April 5, 2013

The Princess and the Puppy

One of the very first responsibilities of Ms. Wheelchair Kansas is to get out there and make yourself known.  I needed to gather sponsors to help with my trip to Ms. Wheelchair America this summer as well as help out with expenses involved in traveling the state and sharing my platform.  And, I need to schedule presentations.  In order to do all this, I needed to make myself known.  I thought especially in Western Kansas people might not be aware of the Ms. Wheelchair Kansas program.  Just sending a letter was not going to do it.  So, I got my letters written, crown and sash on, and headed out to hand deliver letters.

Our first stop was Hays since we were trying to beat the snow forecast.  Here are some pics from my Hays stops.

The snow did not arrive as forecast (well at least it waited until I got some letters delivered), so I was able to attend the Spring Kick Off for home based businesses at the WaKeeney Fair Grounds.

The snow melted and it was super cold, but we still braved at least part of WaKeeney.  I'm glad warmer weather is just around the corner.

What an amazing experience!  As I learned on my trip to Oz, the crown and sash make you more approachable.  Lots of people asked what Ms. Wheelchair was all about and not just those who were receiving the letters.  I realized I have something with me that draws the crowd.  My service dog is by my side and just having him there makes people want to talk with me.  More than once, I heard a child say, "Look Mommy, there's a princess and she has a puppy."  So, maybe that's what we'll be titled this year:  The Princess and the Puppy.  Works for me.  What do you think?

Thanks to those out there who took the time to listen to me and learn more about the Ms. Wheelchair Kansas program.  Thanks also to those who have decided to sponsor me either through cash donations or with goods and services.  Thanks for partnering with me through this year.

Thanksgiving for today:
Negative test results
Willing volunteers
Having a hospital and lab in town
Nurses who alleviate fears of kiddos
Figuring out a routine

"Nothing is more honorable than a grateful heart"

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