Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Trego County Commissioners

Here it is--my very first meeting with elected officials.  I had a meeting with the Trego County Commissioners.  We got to spend time talking about the Ms. Wheelchair Kansas program, what being Ms. Wheelchair Kansas will mean to me, what events I already have scheduled, and what contacts I have already made or should make in Trego County.

We also discussed my fundraising efforts and what has already been done.  We discussed my continued need and how the County Commissioners may be able to help.

I was excited to spend time talking about what areas the County Commissioners were responsible for versus the city or the fair board.  I offered to be available if they ever need to discuss accessibility issues.  It was a very positive and pleasant meeting and I left with their encouragement to get in touch with the city.  That is on my list!!!  Hopefully it can happen soon.

Thankful thoughts for the day:
Ninja blender/food processor
Staying out of the weather
Bursts of inspiration

As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.


UPDATE:  8/12/2013

I had another meeting with the County Commissioners today.  I thanked them in person for supporting me and helping me get to Ms. Wheelchair America.  We talked about my week in Houston, what all I had learned and the connections formed.  I told them I had come back "on fire" and was currently working with the City Council to help with accessibility needs in the city and would like to do the same with them for the County.  I thanked them for any part they played in getting grab bars for the accessible stall in the commercial building at the fairgrounds.    I am excited to work with this group as we seek to make Trego County more accessible for all.

I was especially pleased with their graciousness today.  I was late to my appointment because I had a mix-up on time, but they worked me in anyway.  Thanks for putting up with my Traumatic Brain Injury moments.  I'm just thankful I haven't had more of them yet this year.  :)

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