Wednesday, August 14, 2013

COLD at the County Fair

County fair time in Western Kansas--one of the staples of summer.  One that my children look forward to every year and start planning for their fair entries long in advance and look forward to the carnival for weeks.  Fair time includes time to see livestock up close and eat tons of "fair" food like funnel cakes.  Not exactly the healthiest in the world,  but fun once in a while anyway.  Typically, the fair involves surviving unbearable heat which you just survive for the fun of the fair.  It is late July/early August in Western Kansas.  It is supposed to be over 100 degrees.  Right???  Not this year.  This year was down-right chilly.  I was in a long sleeves when I had to be outside or just managed some internal shivers.  As you can see from the pics, others were in jackets.  Who would have believed that was the proper attire for the fair?  I was told some were looking for hot chocolate.  Of course, no vendors planned that for Western Kansas in July or August.  :)

My first county fair stop was the Norton County Fair.  I had the privilege to announce the winner of the Youth Division of the Norton Idol (check upcoming post for more details).  I was chilly, but just glad the forecast rain managed to hold off at least until the Idol was over.  The next night, after a  thrown together reunion dinner with my classmates, I was out at the fair again.  I only talked to a few people since I didn't stay long because it just kept getting colder and colder.  But, I did get to have some great conversations and even got to talk about my service dog to a Nortonite looking for a dog for his son.  What great opportunities I am having this year.  :)
Talking about my service dog at the Norton County Fair
Next stop was the Trego County Fair.  I was excited to have a table in the Commercial Building with my Ms. Wheelchair displays set up.  I got to talk to tons of people throughout the week and loved sharing about this program.  I was especially excited that there is now a bar in the wheelchair accessible stall in the restroom at the Commercial Building.  Without that, I would never have been able to spend hours at the fair each day sharing about Ms. Wheelchair Kansas.  I even had the opportunity to travel around the fair and pass out my business card.  Hopefully, I made some connections that will result in appearances.  :)

The Trego County Fair Parade was something I looked forward to all week.  My creative husband had a float design all worked out and one of my sponsors, W. W. Drilling, let us borrow a trailer.  Eric worked hard on float design and painting the backdrop of the float to match the parade theme:  "103 Years of Cheers, Steers, and Volunteers."  The weather has been cold and rainy so there was no putting the float together until the very last minute.   And, there was bad news.  We woke up to rain and drizzle.  So, that meant last minute changes and nixing the streamers.  I didn't really want tie dyed pink and blue from dripping streamers.  :)  I'm just thankful it wasn't raining hard while the parade was happening and that we could return unopened packages of streamers later.  My family all rode the float or pick-up with me and proudly donned their Ms. Wheelchair America t-shirts.  I'm so lucky to have such support.  The kids threw out every last piece of candy in our supply.  Good thing Grandpa was at the fair collecting candy for them.  :)

Thanksgiving for today:
Finding lost items before the trash man comes
Stitch removal
Ready for school
Cleaned out storage room
Themed t-shirts
Focus on the Family

"Gratitude helps you to grow and expand; gratitude brings joy and laughter into your life and into the lives of all those around you."
                      Eileen Caddy

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