Friday, January 10, 2014

Connecting with Another Generation

I had the privilege to share my platform with the Hays Senior Center.  This is a facility that provides many opportunities for activities, including a weekday lunch and time to just socialize with friends, talk and play games.  I'm not really sure how many guest speakers they happen to get, by they got to hear Ms. Wheelchair Kansas 2013. :)

They did an amazing job setting up a projector and screen so  I could use my PowerPoint and even had a table for me to set up a table display, business cards, and information.  I even had the honor of being introduced by my Grandma.  :)  I was pleased that during my presentation, the audience brought their chairs up close to listen and watch the video screen.  After my presentation, I read a story in honor of the Christmas season: "The Night Before the Night Before Christmas" by Natasha Wing and Mike Lester.  They seemed to enjoy the story.  I know I did and I love how it ties into my platform of "Maintaining an Attitude of Gratitude."  The family in the story learned to be grateful for each other, no matter what was going on around them.  This is a lesson we all should learn.

I always enjoy the q&a time after my presentation.  And, this time I not only got to have great conversation immediately following the presentation, but also as I stayed to have lunch.  There were several interesting conversations started when people spent time viewing the table display.  I even got to meet the uncle of Ms. Wheelchair Kansas 2011, Jennifer Kreutzer.  You just never know where you'll find a connection.

As Ms. Wheelchair Kansas, I have had the chance to talk to many various groups of people, from preschoolers to the Hays Senior Center and many others.  I'm thrilled that my platform seems to be a message appropriate for all ages and groups.  Being thankful every day for everything is a lesson we all need to learn.

Thankful thoughts for today:
Warmer days

"Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it."
                                                                                       William Arthur Ward

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