Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Youngest Patients

I was thrilled to work out a last minute visit to Wesley Medical Center Pediatric Unit to meet patients and read stories.  Thanks Jo and Megan for your help.  The only bad news is that it was on the trip where I left my camera at home.  So, no pictures of this great event.  If anyone out there has photos from my time at Wesley Medical  Center, please comment and let me know.

Only a couple of patients with parents or staff came to hear the stories, but I did get to talk to other staff and patients during my time at Wesley.  I also had the chance to leave business cards and brochures about Ms. Wheelchair Kansas so maybe other patients, visitors, etc. can learn about Ms. Wheelchair.  I had a great time and hope future Ms. Wheelchair Kansas queens will take the time to go read stories and interact with patients, families, visitors, and staff.   Through this year, I love to interact with kiddos and read stories.  I love sharing my platform, "Maintaining an Attitude of Gratitude" through the medium of books.  I always tell kids they are lucky, because they get to hear my secret through the books and adults just have to listen to boring old me talk.  :)  Maybe all ages should be getting the stories.

I was so excited to meet the WSU Shocker mascot on my trip to Wesley Medical Center to plan my visit the next day and get my photo taken by cell phone.   Go Shockers!!!

Thankful thoughts for today:
Fresh air
Crossing items off my list

"Life is full of give and take.  Give thanks and take nothing for granted."
                                                   --Linda Poindexter

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