Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Sharing A Secret

I got to do something very fun that I will be repeating lots of times over this year.  I got to share my "secret" with three amazing classes of kids.  I will be sharing this secret with everyone I meet, but sometimes groups get to hear this amazing story book that explains it perfectly.  (Thanks Mom for finding it)  In case you don't know, the secret is that giving thanks brings happiness. 

As always my service dog was the star of the show.  In fact, during the question and answer time after the stories, the questions were mostly stories about their own dogs.  I wonder when you learn to ask questions?  Preschool and Kindergarten were more interested in telling stories than asking me anything.  So, I answered the teacher's questions, listened to a lot of great stories (mostly about dogs  :)), and just shared some stories of my own.  I get to read to Second Graders next week so I'll update this blog post then and let you know if they have any thought provoking questions.  The kids did feel the need to tell stories about seeing me and my dog around town.  Good to know that my wheelchair is part of their normal, everyday life and they recognize it as just part of who I am.

Two of the classes also got to hear Mama Zooms which I learned about during my very first experience with Ms. Wheelchair Kansas.  What an appropriate book for my family.  The preschool para even mentioned seeing me "zoom" my son around town.  Before he got too heavy for that, we used to "zoom" together everywhere. 
These are books everyone should read at least once.  Maybe someday if you catch up with me at a story hour or happen to be around when I'm reading to a class, you will get to hear me read them to you.  :)
Thankful Thoughts for Today:
Efficient meeting
Tech Support
Staying Caught Up
Running into Friends Unexpectedly
"We need deliberately to call to mind the joys of our journey.  Perhaps we should try to write down the blessings of one day.  We might begin; we could never end; there are not pens or paper enough in all the world."
                                                                                              George A. Buttrick

I got to read to Second Grade today.  Same stories, slightly different response.  They seemed to enjoy them and had appropriate questions.  They even laughed in all the right places.  It was fun to get to read to my son's class and get to share with his classmate why "Mama Zooms" has been our story.  I got to tell stories about us "zooming" all over town.  His classmates remember seeing us do that.

Is this the age where they really begin to understand the concept of questions?  They didn't always listen to the answers so I had many of the same questions over and over.  Their teacher managed that response and reminded them that part of asking questions was listening to the answers even when their classmates ask questions.  So, I have still not found the right age for questions asking--I'll keep looking.


  1. Angel, thank you for joining us for Challenge Games 2013, and for bringing your son to compete! Great meeting you, and hope to see you next year! Cody

    1. We had a great time and my son definitely plans to compete next year