Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Learning at the Library Part 3

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Another appearance at the library--this time during WaKeeney Public Library's Summer Reading Program.  I got to read twice--once to the preschool/kindergarten group and again to 1st-3rd grade.   The theme for Summer Reading is "Dig Into Reading" and my reading theme besides the books I typically read was that of construction.  Both groups got to hear Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site and both groups had a construction related craft as part of their library program.  The younger group got an unexpected treat.  While we were reading about construction vehicles, there were some working right outside the library.  There was a dump truck next door and a concrete mixer pouring new sidewalk right outside the library.  How cool is that???

 The younger group got to hear Mama Zooms and Susan Laughs and learn a little bit about life in a wheelchair.  Thanks to Ms. Wheelchair Tennessee, Bliss Welch for introducing me to Susan Laughs.  It is an amazing story that I can't wait to share around the state.  The older group got to hear The Secret of Saying Thanks.  We were going to take a break and have a craft and then come back to hear Susan Laughs, but the craft took longer than expected.  Maybe I'll just have to visit some classrooms and read it to them next year.  Of course, both groups got to hear all about my service dog and even got to come over and meet him.  He is the true star of the show after all.  :)

There are more appearances at libraries scheduled.
To be continued . . .

My favorite part is always meeting people and getting to
answer questions and listen to stories.


Thankful thoughts for today:
Zero Entry Swimming Pool
Water Chair
Water Aerobics

"I want to be the most thankful man on the face of the earth."--Ben Furrow

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