Friday, June 28, 2013

Our Alma Mater

We went back to KSDS for Summer Graduation.  One year ago Azure (AJ) and I were just getting to know each other and beginning this journey together.  I never would have imagined one year ago, that this year would contain such amazing adventures for us.  When we graduated as a service team last year, I could never have imagined that we would be back one year later speaking to the graduating class.

What an honor--to get the opportunity to share my platform with this group of people.  What an honor to get to share my adventures around the state so far and how my service dog has been involved in these adventures with me.  What an honor to be in a room again filled with assistance dog lovers and the dogs themselves.  What an honor to be there as a student I met at the Challenge Games graduates with his dog.  What an honor to get to see the trainers, staff, board members, and volunteers again that played such an important part in the life of my service dog and continue to be there for us as we have needs today.



After the graduation ceremony, the party began as everyone celebrated the graduating teams.  This also gave me the opportunity to sit by my table of information and talk personally to people about Ms. Wheelchair Kansas and my platform.  I had the chance to discuss potential future appearances.  We will see if our calendars work out together.

Me and Annette--the Service dog trainer
So thankful for our time working together last year and
how she has been there for me when I needed her this year
The couple who took care of Azure's mom when she had the
"Blue" litter.  He spent the first few weeks of life in their home.

Play time for the dogs.  We've missed that socialization time
since we got home.  I guess I'm not as fun to play with as
other dogs.  ;)

Thanksgiving for today:
Wellness Center
Muscle Cream
Completing a Goal

"Gratitude is a nice touch of beauty added last of all to the countenance, giving as classic beauty, an angelic loveliness, to the character."
                                                                                         Theodore Parker

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