Monday, June 17, 2013

Learning at the Library Part I

I love libraries.  I know not everyone is as big a fan, but I LOVE Libraries.  Of course, it helps that I love books.  But, libraries are more than books to me.  They have amazing programs available--some for all ages.  I grew up with library story hour programs and searched for the same thing as soon as I had children of my own.  My kiddos have been attending library programs since before they were 2.  I am thrilled that I have the opportunity as Ms. Wheelchair Kansas to give back and be the story teller, not just the story receiver.  :) 
  Preschool story time is more than just great stories.  I am so thankful to the library staff (my mom) for planning fun activities and crafts to go along with my platform.  They all got to dance and sing to "If You're Thankful and You Know It".  What a nice break in between stories to get all the wiggles out so they could sit and listen to another story.  Then they got to work on a craft coloring what they are thankful for.  What a nice gift to get an "I am thankful for . . .Angel" paper signed by all the students at one daycare.  I hope they had a great time and left understanding my platform about being thankful every day.

Once again AJ was the star of the show and everyone
wanted the chance to say "Hi"
My first library story telling experience was at the Norton Public Library, which just happens to be where I got to attend story hour at the beginning of my life.  Keep watching this blog for more exciting story hour experiences.  I am currently scheduled to read at the WaKeeney and Hays Public Libraries. 
To Be Continued . . .
Thankful thoughts for today:
Water aerobics
Willing Helpers
“The thankful receiver bears a plentiful harvest.”
-William Blake

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