Monday, June 3, 2013

Champion in Us All

I really didn't think I live in a bubble, but I must.  I had never really heard (or at least paid attention) about the Challenge Games until this year.  Where have I been?  What an amazing event.  What a celebration of all the athletes and their accomplishments.  When I first learned about the Challenge Games and that I had an opportunity to attend, I began doing research.  What I learned excited me.  This would not only be an opportunity for me to attend as Ms. Wheelchair Kansas, this would also be an opportunity for my son to compete.   I would not only get to represent Ms. Wheelchair Kansas, I would also get to be the parent of an athlete.
My first big moment came when I got to meet Ryan Chalmers as he made the Challenge Games one of his stops on his Push across America.  You can follow his journey at  We had a nice conversation about his travels.  I can barely push myself across the parking lot, let alone across America--how about you?  :)  I guess that's why he's the Paralympic athlete, not me.

I may have been a little star struck for a moment, but my entire day was filled meeting tons of heroes.  The real celebrities of the day were the athletes.  They didn't let anything stand in their way and I was super impressed by the support of their families and friends.  Everyone was cheered all the way to the finish line no matter what challenges they faced along the way.  I had the privilege of meeting people wanting a moment with Ms. Wheelchair Kansas.  I even had the opportunity to meet some who have been following my blog and some I will be seeing again during my adventures this year.  

After all the hard work of the day, it was time to party.  What a great time everyone had.  There was dancing, pizza, and ice cream.  What else do you need to have a great time?? 
Challenge Game Veterans
Challenge Game Volunteers
Well, maybe what everyone is waiting for--recognition of the athletes and all the medals they have won. 

Check out more information at and pictures from this year's event at
This is an amazing opportunity you should all go to if you have the chance.  I know I will be back--as the parent of an athlete. 

Thankful thoughts for today:
Extended deadline
Online garage sales
Cherry Pepsi
Doctors who listen to patients

“We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures.” ~Thornton Wilder

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